In the Early Years classes at St Thomas’ (Pre-Kindy - Year 2), the children and families are welcomed into a nurturing and supportive community that identifies, embraces and celebrates the uniqueness of each child. The educators at St Thomas’ foster a sense of identity and belonging as the children develop valuable social, emotional and friendship skills.


The warm and inviting learning environments in the Early Years at St Thomas’ are intentionally designed for a contemporary, collaborative and creative approach to learning. The children are immersed in nature play and are encouraged to respect and engage with the natural environment through environmentally sustainable practices.


In the Early Years at St Thomas’ the children are inspired and motivated by authentic, personal, experiential, imaginative learning. Through purposeful play experiences, the children develop a strong foundation of language, literacy and numeracy. The children are encouraged to wonder, discover and explore their world through meaningful S.T.E.M. inquiry experiences. The educators provide opportunities that inspire the child’s natural curiosity and enhance their cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. The learning in the early years is underpinned by the Early Years Learning Framework and Western Australian Curriculum, creating imaginative, confident and motivated learners.


Early Childhood at St Thomas'

Please watch the video below to see our Early Childhood Classes in action.