Drive - Through System

The School has established a drive - through system to facilitate a safe and efficient means of delivering children by vehicle without the need to park. A one - way system around the school block has been designed to ensure traffic movement is predictable and safe.

Before and after school: all drivers are asked to use College Road from one direction only – i.e. approaching from Warden Street. This facilitates a continuous flow of left - turning vehicles from College Road into the set - down/pick - up area. Children both leave and board vehicles from the left - side doors near the paved or undercover areas, and drivers can then proceed through the exit gates, turn left into College Road, and proceed towards Melville Street. Traffic flow therefore moves safely in an anti - clockwise direction around the school at these peak times.

Please ensure you follow all road rules by not blocking driveways or standing/parking on yellow lines.


Please see the diagram below.

Drive Through