At St Thomas’ we have a 1:1 iPad Program  operating in Years 3-6. For these classes, iPads are part of the booklist. From Pre-Primary to Year 2, each classroom has a bank of shared iPads.

We believe the iPad is an important tool to support our classroom teaching and learning programs. We integrate the iPads across all learning areas in order to enhance and ultimately, redefine and transform, students’ learning experiences.

Our teachers have a wide range of experience teaching in 1:1 iPad classrooms and we are very proud of the outstanding, and widely-recognised, high quality iPad program at St Thomas'.

The school regularly hosts visitors from schools across Western Australia who are wanting to learn more about exemplary practise when teaching with iPads.

How, Why and When Do We Use iPads?

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Examples of Student Work with iPads

Our focus when using iPads is on student creation of digital content, rather than consumption of digital content. Here are some examples of the kinds of work our students do with iPads.

St Thomas' 1:1 iPad Program Website


Please visit our 1:1 iPad website for more information, including lists of apps required for each year level.