Every child anticipates greatness. Yet for the lowest achieving students both experience and research tells us they are unlikely to become average readers and writers without intensive teaching.

Reading Recovery is a short term early intervention for first grade students having difficulty in learning to read and write.  Our Reading Recovery trained teacher works one-to-one for thirty minutes per day for a maximum of twenty weeks, with the lowest-achieving students. Reading Recovery is a ‘second wave’ intervention that follows initial class literacy instruction. It operates in accordance with the CEWA literacy Strategy supporting schools to improve literacy outcomes for all students.



At St Thomas’ Primary School the Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU) Intervention Program is delivered by a trained specialist teacher. This intensive program is offered to students in Year 1 who are vulnerable in their mathematicss learning. This program assists students who are vulnerable in aspects of whole number learning and are at risk of not learning school mathematics successfully. It builds on and is coordinated with classroom mathematics programs but involves additional levels of support and teaching aimed at accelerating students’ mathematics learning. Each level of support represents an increase in intensity of teaching and assistance offered to a student by the EMU specialist teacher.

The three levels are:

Level 1.  Advice provided to classroom teachers supplemented with Individual Learning Plans which outline learning goals and experiences that will boost students’ learning.  Ongoing monitoring of each student’s progress is also provided.

Level 2. Advice provided for classroom teachers and in-class support for students supplemented with Individual Learning Plans outlining learning goals and experiences that will boost students’ learning; and  

Level 3. EMU intervention program for groups of 3 students (10-20 weeks) that is planned and taught by the specialist teacher and coordinated with a student’s classroom mathematics program.