Science at St Thomas’ provides opportunities for our students to be able to expand their curiosity, explore, ask questions and speculate through student engagement, science inquiry and investigations. Our whole school program aims to develop an understanding of important science concepts, processes and practices.

We foster an interest in science and its application to our lives. Our students are encouraged to think and act in scientific ways and understand the impact of science on our society. We give our students opportunities to become critical and creative thinkers.


Visual Arts

Our Visual Arts Program assists children to develop creative and critical thinking. They are provided with opportunities to expand their aesthetic knowledge and understanding of art practices through making and creating rich and imaginative art works.

The children’s art works are valued and shared with each other and the wider community through school art exhibitions, art competitions and publications.

The art program allows children to have a better understanding of Visual art through the ages, including traditional and contemporary Aboriginal art. They are given opportunities to engage with, and view, local artists at work.

There is a strong focus on recyclable and sustainable practices whilst engaging in creative and innovative works.



Music at St Thomas’ is inclusive and engaging, developing in students a love and appreciation of music. Lessons are conducted in a happy, safe and welcoming environment for students to learn, grow, co-operate and collaborate. Our students build an understanding of the elements of music, developing performance, composition, theory and music analysis skills that enrich their lives.

Students from years 4, 5 and 6 are given to opportunity to be a part of the school choir – St Thomas’ Trebles. The choir learn a wide range of songs and perform at several events during the year including school and sacramental masses, and the annual Performing Arts Festival for Catholic Schools and Colleges. They also entertain the residents at Moline House with a Christmas repertoire. Each year the choir volunteer their time to sing at the Earth Hour event in Swanbourne.


Physical Education

Students participate in a Health and Physical Education program that is delivered by a specialist teacher. In the early years of schooling, a focus is placed on the development of fundamental movement skills and a perceptual movement program. Whilst in the uppers years this changes, applying movement and strategies within game situations.

The overarching goal of our program is to engage students and allow them to achieve success and enjoyment, in order to promote a healthy, active lifestyle. 

The school has 2 ovals, a basketball/netball court and a large undercover area that provides an environment for developing the student’s movement skills.


Faction Houses

There are three faction houses; Forrest (Blue), Gittens (Green) and Sheridan (Gold). Students from family groups will be placed in the same faction. Teachers are also assigned to a faction.



Students also have the opportunity to participate in all Inter-house carnivals: Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics. High achievers in these competitions will be selected to represent the school at Interschool carnivals against other single stream Catholic primary schools in our area.


Others carnivals include:

Summer Carnival - Term 1: Cricket and Tennis

Winter Carnival - Term 2: AFL, Netball and Soccer

Team Games Carnival - Term 4


Cross Country Runners' Club

Each year students are selected to compete in the Interschool Cross Country event. During Term Two, students and parents are invited to train as part of the Running Club. Running Club is held before school once a week and is a fun way for everyone to stay fit with friends and family.


Swimming Training

During Term One, in preparation for our School Swimming Carnival, we run an optional swimming training program two mornings a week at Claremont Pool. This gives our students the opportunity to develop their swimming techniques. Training continues for our Interschool swimmers in the lead up to the Interschool Carnival at the end of Term One.


Other Activities

EduDance lessons occur once a week throughout Term Two, with our concert in the last week of the term. Swimming lessons for Pre-Primary to Year 3 run for two weeks at the end of Term Four. Our upper students have their lessons at Cottesloe Beach.

Cricket winners
Sport Swim
Garden 1


Health Education at St Thomas’ provides opportunities for our students to be able to identify attitudes and values for healthy, active lifestyles and demonstrate values consistent with the prevention of ill-health. Our students are also encouraged to accept responsibility for their health and show respect for social justice principles. The focus of weekly lessons are on developing inter and intra personal skills, promoting resilience and fostering social skills.

A range of programs are utilised within the health learning area, including, Friendly Schools, Challenges and Choices and Protective Behaviours.