“The library of the future, whether the physical space or its digital resources, can be the place where you put things together, make something new, meet new people, and share what you and others bring to the table. It’s peer-to-peer, hands-on, community-based and creation-focused.”

-Miguel Figueroa (Center for the Future of Libraries).


In 2017 St Thomas' transformed our Library into a Makerspace, as Libraries are no longer only the repositories of books, but rather act as gateways to information, education, and opportunity.

A makerspace is a collaborative and creative learning space where people gather to share resources and knowledge, work on projects, network, and build. It is a place for Tinkering, collaborative learning, play, conversations for learning, intergenerational learning, experimentation, inquiry, the act of creation, and problem solving.

Our St Thomas' Makerspace fosters a culture of creating, play, exploration and problem solving at St Thomas'.

Makerspace Door

To see our Makerspace in action and learn more, please watch the video below.


Our St Thomas' Makerspace fosters and develops:

  • —STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics)
  • —Digital Technologies curriculum
  • Design and Technologies curriculum
  • —Creative & critical thinking
  • —Tinkering
  • —Problem solving
  • —Innovation
  • —Collaboration
  • —Play
  • —Experimentation
  • —Inquiry
  • —Creation (vs consuming)
  • —Thinking outside the box
  • —Reasoning
  • —Curiosity
  • —Discovery
  • —Thinking
  • —Communication
  • Reading
  • —Imagination
  • —Participatory learning
  • —Hands-on experiences
  • —Sharing of resources and knowledge
  • —Exploration
  • —Construction/building
  • —Conversations for learning
  • —Dream
  • —And so much more…